bjoern stolpmann born in 1978, bjoern stolpmann mingles early with the electronic music scene. in the very early 1990s he discovers his admiration towards machine music and the universe of synthetic sounds.
when germany was hit by the wave of raves, bjoern was gripped and started to absorb everything he could get. being 18 he invests the money planned to be for his driver’s license into two technics and a mixer.
at the same time he does his first steps in producing own tracks. pushed by the never ending fascination of his own productions, he laid the foundation for his own studio by buying a couple of equipment. then he starts looking more and more profound into the subject. the results of his work attract interest by the label onitor, where his debut was released in 2001.
after all this years a lot of releases came out on different label as well as several remixes. and of course there’s a lot more to expect.

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